Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye America!

Get ready world! Here we come. . . again. Listen for the sound of six plastic wheels rolling speedily through the passageways of the airport. Tile or carpet, it doesn't matter. You'll hear them. You'll see their little bowl heads bobbing along as they run, run, run to their gate with a round mommy and a pink daddy chasing after. The people will stop and say, "Look at that, look at that! Did you see that?" Before it was just two bobbing heads but this time it will be three. And perhaps in a few years there will be four, unless our #4 turns out to be a superbaby. (You know, one of those kids who wants to be carried or strollered until age 4 or 5.)

We'll fly tomorrow. Atticus bought a mythological creatures book with an attached box of plastic figurines and some starbursts for the trip. Well, we bought the starbursts. He doesn't know yet. If he did, they would already be gone. So he'll be asking about minotaurs, cyclops, and chimeras during our first flight. Shermy got a CD of silly songs to listen to and a pack of Skittles. Hopefully he won't sing along. His voice is really loud. Everything he does is loud. It's cute, but not in an airplane. He'll also ask me how fast we are going every five minutes. He'll probably ask me how many more minutes are left in our trip. (On our driving trip from Utah to California he asked, "Mom, how many more minutes?" a total of 24 times.) Our flight tomorrow will be longer than our road trip. Maybe he'll ask 30 or more times. I'm prepared. Cinci has one of his favorite books, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and our portable DVD player to watch for a total of three hours before the battery dies. He also has a package of Skittles original flavor. I hope they'll be wonderful children like they were on our last flight from Istanbul to San Francisco. This time Jonathan is with me so I imagine things will be easier on me.

Three wishes for the trip:
1. I hope there is someone waiting to pick us up when we get there.
2. I hope none of my kids have potty accidents or vomiting problems during our flights.
3. I hope the suitcase with most of my clothes in it doesn't get lost.

Goodbye America!


Sunny said...

Good luck with your new adventure. I hope the flight goes smoothly and in a couple weeks you are all adjusted and feel like you are at home again.

Sonja said...

I'm am the travel genie and I hear-by grant you your three wishes!

(please see the fine print below. Never mind, it's so small you can't read it, but it essentially absolves me from any legal responsibilities and also says have a safe trip and I will miss you terribly again)

Sonja said...

It's so late, I'm writing this in a hotel room in Kearney, NE after driving for 13 hours with my four kids. That's why I wrote
instead of