Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We slept in a little this morning. Shermy was in my bed by morning again. I remember telling him to go back to his bed from my bed twice last night but I guess he snuck back in. Oh well. I really don't mind. The only problem is that when Daddy comes home at the end of next week, he won't want Shermy in bed with us. He kicks/pushes us with his feet all night when there isn't enough room. And three is pushing it. Especially the way I'm expanding. I still manage to fit into my normal pants thank goodness. I wouldn't be able to bear breaking out my maternity clothes when I haven't yet hit month number four. The boobs however are not cooperating. Atticus was talking to me from the backseat about babies yesterday.

A: When the baby comes out will you cry Mom?

Me: Maybe. It really hurts but I usually don't cry, I just grunt and gurgle a lot.

A: Does it hurt really bad Mom?

Me: Yes, but then when the baby comes out I'm so happy that it doesn't hurt anymore. We just snuggle and sleep and snuggle and sleep.

A: You'll have to feed the baby when it comes out.

Me: The baby only drinks milk at the beginning.

A: Yeah, because it won't have any teeth yet. It will only drink milk.

Me: Right.

A: We'll have to buy lots of milk.

Me: The baby will drink Mommy's milk, not cows milk like we drink now.

A: Where does Mommy's milk come from?

Me: From Mommy's boobies.

A: How does it get there? Do you drink milk through your mouth and then it comes out your boobies?

I'm so glad he's interested in everything about the new baby. The funny things they think though.

We went to the library for crafts for Atticus. He made two kinds of boats. So proud of himself. Rushed home while listening to a rap about Jack and the Beanstalk that made me laugh. Grated some stubborn mozzarella cheese for a lasagna. Rushed to swim lessons. Rushed home. Fed the kids canned tuna, canned mandarin oranges and Ritz crackers for lunch. Finished preparing the lasagna for tonight. Drove over to Wendy's house so she could watch Atticus and Sherms while I went grocery shopping. Went to Smith's and bought more than I planned. Went to Sunflower Farms and bought more than I planned. Went home and unloaded the groceries. Went back to Wendy's to pick up the older two. Cinci began to look dirty to me. I read Cecily an article from her princess magazine where I learned about several skills a princess must have.

1. Must know how to make cookies.

2. Must know how to set a table.

3. Must know all about animals.

4. Must know how to untie knots.

5. Must have a sense of humor.

6. Must enjoy fruit and bread.

I used to think this Princess craze was lame but I suppose they do know a few things. Princess Aurora can do all the above things and still look beautiful the whole time. Hey, if I had to be a princess right now, I wouldn't be far off. I only need a little help with numbers 2, 3, and the looking beautiful the whole time part.

So I took all my kids home, put on a helicopter show that I checked out at the library, fed them chocolate, made them clean up their legos, read them a story called "Old Devil Wind" where Cinci kept pointing at the ghost and saying "It's a ghost. . . scary" over and over again, and baked the lasagna. Then Mayela, a friend, came over, we ate dinner, and she told me everything significant that has happened to her over the last two years. We had a great talk. I laughed. The kids played with legos outside (something I prohibit unless someone new is around and I don't want to sound like a witch yelling at them for it.) Perhaps its a good thing if I invite people over more often. For the children's sake.

Cinci is not the one in the red, he's the one in the background. The cute pink and grey one.

Cinci looked dirtier still. I bathed him. Then I read the kids three chapters from "Elmer and the Dragon", gave them water, sang them songs, prayed, fell asleep next to Shermy, woke up, ate chocolate, and got on the computer. Here I am.


Sarah said...

I didn't know you were pregnant, must have missed that announcement somewhere, congrats!

I love the conversation with Atticus, that is so funny!

Jill Hunt said...

I got so tired just reading that. But that is seriously how my days are too. I think being a mom is the hardest, but rewarding joy there is. All while being pregnant. You amaze me Christine!