Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's a picture of what you might need very soon. No, you are not going to join Little League. Your job is much more dangerous. You never know when you are going to be attacked and pounced upon by three crazy and quite bony little boys. And since you like to read laying down, these attacks could prove fatal. And I figured that if together we have produced yet another male heir (to our vast fortune, ha ha) this will come in handy a few extra years.
Happy Father's Day!
He thinks he knows how to swim. Next time we go to the pool, don't let me forget to bring those water wings.


The 3 Amigos.

I threw this one in because Peter and Wendy never post any recent pictures of their kids and you have no idea what this little rascal looks like. So here she is. She's a pinkie.

Here Shermy is running through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point with a very Shermanesque look on his face.

What has fatherhood done for you? Well, from my perspective I've noticed two changes. One, you don't drive fast anymore, not even in your Porsche. Two, you actually stress over your duty to provide for your family. Stress isn't good but in your particular case, it is a noble thing. I thank you and your children will someday thank you for your sacrifice of peace of mind.
There are a few other things that I thought I'd never see happen. Like one day when there was no one to watch the kids and I had a test or something, you stayed home with Atticus and Shermy. After they woke up in the morning you couldn't find anything "cute" enough to dress them in. So you didn't dress them. You drove them down to Walmart to purchase several very "cute" sweatsuits featuring Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse. For a man who is too cheap to buy himself (or let me buy him) new shoes when the soles are falling off, this extravagance was quite unexpected.
There are many pieces of memory in my mind as I go over moments in our past with our kids. The blurry image of you going up and down on the excersize ball with Atticus firmly snuggled in your arms for hours. Literally. The cry was too much to endure. You much preferred the bounce. The blood that got on your green polo shirt when Shermy was born. The strange coincidence of wearing the exact same shirt when Cinci was born. The echoey laughter of our family as we swam in the hotel's warm indoor pool in Antalya. The quiet pride we felt so often walking the streets of Turkey with our little ones, being so happy we chose to have a family. So happy it was God's will that we could have one. Daily walking by what we could have been, but never looking back sadly.
Parenthood changes us daily. Fatherhood teaches you what you need to learn most, although I know you mostly prefer to learn from books. I can't imagine what you'll become farther down the line of fatherhood. You are already such a good man and father. I could use the usual words like wonderful, nice, great, awesome, loving, patient, perfect, excellent, da da da da da da da etc. but you interpret words in such an intense and intricate way that I can't use the wrong one, or use one that is already used so lightly and commonly. So I'm sorry if I can't describe you in words. I hope these pieces of memories of mine will bring to mind and help you remember what you were and help you realize what you have become.

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Holly Messenger said...

What a beautiful tribute to the man you love, Christine!