Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wheels and Weather

Last Sunday was just beautiful! Beautiful! By the time we get home from church I usually feel sort of like one of those flattened soda cans. Empty and crumpled. But last Sunday was very different. I still felt empty and crumpled but I was very uplifted by the weather. This whole winter, which wasn't quite winter to me because of the lack of snow, was very depressing weatherwise. Grey, polluted, and rainy. But after we partook of our early dinner we were right back outside again. The kids each had their wheels. Atticus and Sherman on their scooters and Cinci with his plastic pink baby stroller held together by a few sparkly red pipe cleaners. (It has been through a lot.) They have the funnest time just riding around in circles in our apartment complex's yard. There is actually a lot of space for them to speed around on, for which I am so thankful. I was just tickled to see all my surroundings bathed in light. Straight warm light that spreads itself over everything. My favorite is seeing the light on the green of the trees and grass. What an awesome combination. I don't know why it makes me feel so good inside. I was just so happy. I am so happy. Am I the only one who feels like this?
Since then we've had rain again but I've tried not to let it get me down. I know winter is almost gone for the year.
My kids are watching yet another episode of Curious George from the DVD that Grandmom McCollum sent us. They love it and it has the magical power to turn them into angels. Jonathan just walked in the door with a gift for our neighbor who is having a birthday tomorrow and a movie for me to watch with him.


Code Yellow said...

Spring does the heart good, no doubt about it. I'm jealous of the wheels and the place to roll them around. My boys would give anything for that! (And I love the pipe cleaner detail...)

P.S. I like your new blog look, too.

Strawberry Girl said...

I love day's like that!!

Hillary said...

we've had great weather this weekend too. it really is amazing how much some sunshine can lift your spirits. i'm so ready for spring.

Sonja said...

There is real magic in sunshine, my friend. And in movies too. :)

Hooray for spring! I'm so glad you are happy!

I also love your new blog look!

Taranani said...

Wow! Jonathan is getting better about the gift thing it sounds like! And I loved your clock in the freezer joke actually... It was better than Cameron telling me to just put the kids in the freezer. Will you please email me or send me a facebook msg with your mailing address? Thanks!