Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teletubbies, trains, and cucumbers

Every school day morning I get Atticus and Sherman ready in their cute little blue uniforms to go off to preschool. Their preschool feeds them breakfast at 9 AM. A few months ago I stopped feeding them breakfast at home because I thought perhaps that their portions were going to waste because they had already been fed. A child can only eat so much, right? They get served a block of cheese, the white crumbly kind you call feta, bread, green and black olives, hard boiled eggs, honey and cherry jelly. Since they've gone to school my kids have acquired a taste for the unpitted olives that I find a bit too overpowering. Sherman will now eat hard boiled eggs too. Isn't it strange that kids will eat things at school or at other people's houses that they won't eat for you at home?
Here are Sherman and Atticus on their way to school.

After they are in school it's just me and Cinci until 5 PM. On the two days I don't work I take care of the house things. Laundry, watching Thomas the Tank Engine, shopping, playing outside, cleaning the house, and playing with toys. We have a lot of fun together.

Cinci will play quite a long time on his own. He is so content to just have time alone. I'm permitted to cook food in the kitchen and when he's not looking I can even sneak myself a treat or two without sharing.

He loves to play with the IKEA wooden trains and just lately he's enjoyed building cars for his Teletubbies to ride in. He's quite a pleasure. At about 4:55 we step out the door to go pick up his brothers. Picking up Atticus and Sherman from school sounds fun to him when I ask him but when they actually get home it's a different story.

He has no desire to play with them. He just wants everything for himself. He's my most Turkish kid. Overly loved, overly spoiled and cucumber fed.


Strawberry Girl said...

I love this post!! It's so fun to see what your life is like over there. :0)

Sunny said...

Wow. I had no idea they were in school for so long. I loved reading this post, and the pictures are great.

Sonja said...

Fabulous pictures! I also loved reading about your daily business. You write so well!

How do you like "My Antonia?"

Taranani said...

That is really awesome!! I am so glad they are learning to eat crazy things. (Crazy to them) I think it is such an advantage to develop a taste for a variety of things. Good for them! Now they'll have to be the ones teaching Corinne... she's the most spoiled of my kids. (My fault) Hopefully her brother and sister's example will rub off on her eventually!

Marcelo D2 said...

I didn’t know how to post a comment, I just learned it , now you are gonna to see my comments in every page… Oh my gosh, that is unbelievable! The babies are going to school now. Are they attending a Turkish or English Class? Well that doesn’t really matter they are kids and can get things easily.