Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let the holidays begin!

Dinner out. I guess you can see what Shermy's having already.


Uwe, a friend from my turkish class, Atticus, and Daddy

My view as we weaved the streets of Kadikoy. It's the kind of place you'd want to go to feel what parts of Istanbul are like.
The token silly picture of Shermy.

The kids stealing the baklava from Uwe.

After dessert.


Andrew said...

Hey! This is Andrew from all your old Italian classes...

What brought you to Turkey!? How long will you be there? How do you know Layla? So many questions :)

Yep, this week is vacation time in Egypt--it's Eid al-Adha, the same holiday as your Qorban whatever up where you are.

Rebekah said...

Mmm. Baklava. Did you ever have any of the baklava my mom made? Old family recipe. Yummmm.

Taranani said...

I am playing catch up on blog reading. I'm too far behind. I love those pictures of your boys running. Fun times. Almost as fun as, "Mom, he really hurt me!" "He started it!" "Go, away! You are the worst brother ever!" I'm sure your kids never get in those moods though. "-) Been one of those weeks.

Sonja said...


Darling pictures!

Taranani said...

Ali says, "Hi." And "Come home soon." She almost thought the pic of Cinci was Shermy. She said they look like twins only not the same age. She wants you to know she has a black eye... from her dear brother- he punched her in the eye. She says, "Take care, and don't eat too much turkey."

Strawberry Girl said...

Great Pictures!! It's fun to see Turkey from your point of view. Did you save some Baklava for me? Oh well, I couldn't eat it anyway (anyone know of a gluten free Baklava recipe?) Your kids are getting big, we sure miss you over here.


Michal said...

thanks for letting us be flies on the wall for your turkish adventure. i'd love some of that baklava. when i lived in jerusalem i adored their fresh pita and baklava. and filafel. and spit-roasted lamb. now i'm hungry.

Uncle Fred said...

Grandma Bertha wants to know how old you are now. I show her your blog at least every week. At 97 recovering from a bad bladder infection she is finally starting to understand things again.

We are thinking of re-visiting the places where her first five boys were raised in Minneapolis. From time to time you may have heard of Foss Road from your dad. Your days sound like the times that Grandma Bertha and Grampa Don had when they were living in Bolivia, and where they traveled before they moved to California.

When I press her Mom can still remember Quichua words that were the language of the Bolivian Indians. One had to know that language to survive since that was what you had use to buy food at the street markets before there were stores and refrigeration.

I enjoy your experiences very much. They are similar in many ways to many peoples adventures starting out in life. Keep them. They are life again when you get older and older.

Uncle Fred