Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leg of Ram

It's a week long holiday this week. Read about our experience on Jonathan's blogpost. Some friends of ours generously gave us a leg of their sacrificed ram. Fresh. Really fresh. Same day
slaughter. How fresh is the meat I usually buy? I wonder. Would there be a way to find out?
I really don't care though. I just care about not wasting it. Not one little bit. I love animals and to
have them suffer so that I could only moderately enjoy their meat would be wrong. Today after Jonathan took the leg down to the butcher to be sliced and diced, free of charge, I prepared dinner. Ram tacos anyone?


Nancy said...

How nice of them to share with you :)

But I do not think I could eat it. That's just me, though.

Taranani said...

Hey.. Looks yummy. :-() I just had to follow up to the comment I left after yours on my blog... I said I wasn't pregnant, but I am. My Mom reads my blog sometimes, and I don't need her to find out yet. Yay for us! We find out Friday if it's a boy or girl. Due first part of May, so- you'll be here just in time to babysit. :-)

Sonnet and Dave said...

Wow youre going to have to let me know how ram tastes!!

Michal said...

i'm sure it was delicious, especially being so fresh. what a treat.

Aimee said...

No sir! That is so cool you actually took an active role in the Kurban Bayram. Does ram taste like lamb? Looking forward to your Edirne pictures.