Friday, October 17, 2008

Things to do

I know people prefer to read posts that contain pictures and for this one I have none. I have been attending my Turkish class for almost two weeks now and it has made my life suddenly three dimensional. Not only I am a wife and a mother, but now I am a classmate. I love it and I know I will come close to tears when my class is over in a month and a half. Not because I've made such good friends, but because it is REALLY fun to have things to do. You know, things to do ? Not those things I do as a wife and mother, but those things that fall outside those catergories. Anyway, some women have work, some have friends, some have church callings, some homeschool, some are students, etc. The language is opening up to me and I am feeling more confident each day. I know I will make friends with the cute turkish ladies in my neighborhood very soon.
As for friends in my turkish class, I wouldn't really call them my friends yet. And unfortunately, most of them live miles and miles away with the Bosphorus in between. In fact, with the exception of the teacher, there is only one other student that lives on the Asian side of the city. He is a German university student on an Erasmus program. We travel from class together since we live near eachother and our trip is full of conversation about all kinds of topics. "Arnold Schwartzneggar, Porches, German yards decorated with trolls, Turkish-German relations vs. Mexican-American relations, etc." Even though he is not a woman nor a mother of small children, he is still fun to talk to. I'm glad I have these opportunities to talk with others no matter what stage of life they are in.


Aimee said...

Trust me, the day will come (probably when all your kids are in school) when your head will spin with all the "things to do." Surviving the mundane "things to do", as important as they are, is the trick. It's cool how you're taking the mundane task of preparing dinner and turning it into a gore-fest-of-fun for the boys.

Good luck with the language classes. I like your desciption of how it makes life 3-dimensional. So true! It only took four months, but today I finally put "basliyor" into context. To save you the four months, it refers to things "beginning/starting."

Sunny said...

I know what you mean about having something to do other than the normal stay at home mom stuff. Enjoy the last several weeks of class.

Cameron said...

Yeah me too indoor soccer has given me an excuse to have friends again. Tell me about German Turk relations? Which relations are in worse shape. Who gets treated worse Mexicans or Turks?

Christine said...

I think Mexicans do. But how can I really know? I've never lived in Germany.