Monday, October 13, 2008


When was the last time you were on a merry-go-round?

For me, one day. Yes, after church some friends of ours came over and instead of chatting in our living room all afternoon, we decided to have a go at the merry-go-round in our park.
The funniest thing that came out of the experience was hearing how high pitched my husband's scream is. The sweetest thing was seeing how tender even teenage boys can be while holding smaller siblings in their laps as their brains slam against their craniums caused by the momentum of the merry-go-round. Ha! I'm chuckling at the memory.


Cameron said...

You know my views on America and our pansy attitude about safety. Stinking lawyers and these money grubbing people that feel the need to sue anything and anyone that so much as looks at them sideways. Germaphobe moms are the same people who don't let their kids skin their knees up having a good time. Merry go rounds on the Wasatch front are becoming more and more scarce just like the buffalo on the plains and the white person in LA they are becoming extinct. Please help us save the merry go rounds call and send donations to save the merry go rounds at 1-800-gomerry. I know of only two merry go rounds in Davis county. Surf and Swim park and an elementary school near Paces in case there are people that want their kids to experience a merry go round like they did as kids. I also found real old school teeter totters in Ogden.

Cameron said...

Christine this is Ali I wanted to say hello to you and your family especially Atticus and Sherman and Cinncinatus. I am still obecessed with lions they are great. I wanted to know if Atticus wants to be a lion with me still? Yesterday we went to Crystal Hot Springs it was so fun. I went in the cold and hot tub many times. We did our Popsicle tradition after swimming. I got a push pop. Cori almost drowned but my dad fished her out in time.

Sonnet and Dave said...

Hey Christine!!! I saw you on Camerons blog & wanted to say hey! I havnt seen you forever!!

Jill Hunt said...

That looks like so much fun and that must be so nice to see some familiar faces. I can't believe how big they are getting!