Saturday, October 4, 2008

September 14, 2008
Since so much has happened in the last seven days I will just list five of the most important events in no particular order:
1. Our friends that we have been waiting for have finally come! They are a beautiful family of seven, the father Turkish, the mother American, and the children a smattering of both. I think it is right for them to give their children the opportunity to know what being Turkish is all about. Sure, they could always say “Yeah, I’m half Turkish” and “Yes, I’ve been to Turkey tons of times” but would they really know what it means to be Turkish? It’s a priceless gift that I hope their children will recognize someday.
2. We moved last Sunday to a new apartment. We are happily settled in and everything is at a very comfortable distance from our home.
3. I went on a date with my second son on Friday night. He doesn’t like going to preschool so I have to bribe him with something. I told him he could take me on a date if he went to school all week. He completed the five days and said this to his father, “I’m going on a date with Mommy and I’m going to open the door for her cause she’s a lady and I’m a man. We’re going to McDonald’s and I’m going to get a Sprite!” It was so fun because I got to dress up in a dress and he wore his Sunday best with a non matching tie. He ordered his Happy Meal with a Sprite and paid. Just a note to all you mothers of girls out there, “Sherman McCollum is very charming so tell your girls in thirteen years to watch out!”
4. Jonathan started teaching his students this week. He teaches English to high school students at a Turkish private school. He leaves the apartment at 7:40 AM and returns between 4:30-5 PM. Cinci and I even get to have lunch with him at the school cafeteria every day. I love it because I don’t have to cook a ton. Now I can focus on that recipe magazine that I bought a week ago and make some hopefully delicious Turkish dinners.
5. Something you may not know about me is that I love to extract foreign objects from the head area. This includes earwax from the ears, plaque from teeth (my own of course), massive hard boogers from my kids’ noses, and,embarassingly enough, pimples and blackheads, from any face anywhere (I try to restrain myself on busses and public transportation though). My husbands ears always have earwax. It’s just part of who he is. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I find him so attractive. You can just imagine me running down the hall after him with Q-tips in my hands “Please honey, I promise it’ll only take a minute!” Anyway, one of his ears never seemed to have anything momentous. I took a small flashlight and took a look down the ear canal. A few centimeters down was a black wall. To make a long story short and to keep from grossing all you readers out, I was literally given permission to extract whatever was in there, because according to Jonathan, it was starting to irritate him. I took my tools and jumped right in. My patient remained as still as a statue while I inserted tweezers down his ear canal. After several attempts at the usual slippery wax I finally caught hold of something else. Something that was connected to that black wall of mysteriosity. I tweezed and pulled and out came this thing that looked like a gigantic black teardrop. I’ll refrain from description and let you observe the photo. (I didn’t really expect to write 15 lines about earwax). Unfortunately, it was just earwax buildup. I was hoping for something a little more exciting. At least Jonathan can hear better now.

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Sonja said...

I thought I was the only one with a wax-removal fetish. I dunno, I think you may have me beat. AND I think your husband probably loves you more than mine does, because he won't let me come anywhere near him with Q-TIPS. Sam, on the other hand, has plenty of wax and hasn't figured out that he can tell me no yet.

I'll be sure to inform my girls about Shermie. Claire, I'm sure would be thrilled. :)

Say hi to the family for me! It must be nice to have them there. :)