Tuesday, October 7, 2008


-What's for dinner Mom?
-Rats baked in blood.
We enjoyed our little rats. Quite tasty and succulent. Maybe a little how real rats would taste. Cinci polished his off rapidly. We topped off our dinner with a large gooey piece of chocolate cake, thanks to our friend Cookie for having a birthday.
Tomorrow I will start my turkish class. I'm really excited to take a 40 minute bus ride twice all on my own with a book. I guess learning the language will be a good thing too. Iyi aksamlar! (Good evening!)


Code Yellow Mom said...

Those rats look AWESOME. How clever and what a fun mom you are!

I love your header picture. It is PERFECT. Um...how did you get them to all stand/sit in one place long enough to take it? :)

Good luck with your Turkish. I just started a Russian refresher. But the lady comes to my house. Hmmm. I like the idea of a bus ride with a book. Maybe I will tell my teacher I'll come to her.

Jill Hunt said...

How fun and creative! I love it!