Wednesday, October 8, 2008

side entrance to the Blue Mosque
Search, ponder and pray . . . . . are the things that I must do.
This shot of Sherman just reminded me of those cheesy church videos where they have the shot of the girl sitting by the ocean looking out into the horizon. Got any ideas on how to start reading scriptures with your kids?(I'm not kidding about this question.)


Code Yellow Mom said...

Is your scripture reading question tongue in cheek? If not, I have one small idea for small children and another for young but growing kids...E-mail me?

Aimee said...

I must confess I am not great about reading the scriptures with my girls, but I just have to say, "do it!" My most powerful testimony-building experience regarding the truth of the Book of Mormon came one hectic morning while I was reading aloud to my two and four-year old daughters while they ran around the kitchen table. If we wait for reverent moments, reading may never happen. It may not seem like they're listening, and maybe they aren't, but at least you'll be doing what the Lord wants you to do.

Cameron said...

When I do I use a bag of candy and a question at the end of every verse. In this case the ends justify the means. Or if they don't like naps you can say if you don't pay attention and get these questions right you will take a nap. Candy works the best. Other wise I use duct tape and a really strong chair. My little incredible hulks are hard to restrain.