Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of course they survived, silly!

Yeah, so my two older kids have been going to turkish preschool this week. It's a week of orientation where the parents get to ease their child into the whole process of preschool/daycare. My children definitely need easing and so do their teachers. Shermie cries the whole time. Atticus has lots of fun playing with all the class toys. Unfortunately, he does nothing else. The teacher has the children do group activities but Atticus is always by himself playing with whatever toy he's interested in. If a child wants to play with him, he avoids him because he doesn't understand them. These are my two comforts:

1. Turkish women are the most gentle and kind women in the world towards children. A child could kick them and they would think it was adorable. Especially if the children are blond and blue eyed.

2. Children are forgiving.

Jonathan taking the kids to school on their first day! They have to catch a service bus that takes them right to school.
Shermie playing in the ball pool after one of his crying fits.

Atticus looking unsure.

Atticus and Shermie after surviving their first day of school. Just as spazzy as ever!


Sonja said...

Oh wow. I am always amazed at children's resilience. You know, their ability to bounce back and learn and conform. What's more impressive is that older folks can do it too. It's a miracle, if you ask me. :)

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog! I love all the pictures. I just want to reach in my computer and fall into Turkey. Your boys are growing and changing. They're so handsome! No wonder those Turkish ladies let them get away with murder.

I'm glad you liked the cake! My email is:

Still missing you.

Sunny said...

Glad you all made it through your first day. When do you start your school?

Cameron said...


Christine please send us a message if Shermie and Atticus want to become lions. I am in first grade now, it's good. Except my teacher won't call me Kiara and she won't let me roar in class. I am a nice lion I don't want to eat them up or anything. I am a veggie girl now. Are you proud of me? I have sharp claws and I can climb just about anything. I got a new fish I named him blue banana. I get to feed him two times a day it is fun. If I can take good care of my fish for a year I can get a kitten.

Cameron said...

Hey Christine I guess it's not as bad as I thought. Probably more dangerous here. Ali wanted to talk to Shermie and Atticus so I told her she could leave them a message that is the basic gist of what she wanted to say to them.

Holly Messenger said...

As usual, Christine, I love catching up on your blog. My little angel started kindergarten this year. She cried; I cried. But my tears were saved for the walk back to the car.