Monday, August 11, 2008


Now that Cinci is 18 months he can now. . .
- go to nursery at church.
- say a few delightful words such as "car", "ball", and "wawa".
- throw his bottle in the sink when he's finished.
- act out horrendous tantrum scenes whenever the front door is opened or closed because he wants to go out so bad.
- melt his daddy's heart, enough to get him to give up his run and take him on a walk instead.
- eat cucumbers, applesauce, pasta, and select pieces of meat on a whim.
- be snuggly.
- sport a large round head just like his brothers.
- and love his mother despite the wild intensities she displays daily.

Now that I'm 29, almost 30, can I say I do much more than my little munchkin?
I go to nursery too.
My vocabulary in Turkish is about at Cinci's level.
My habit of putting dishes away is actually an obsession.
I share Cinci's desire to go out of the apartment, but I've given up the tantrums. They're fruitless.
I'm afraid I can't melt my hubby's heart to get him to take me on a walk, but if I say we're going out to get food, he just might budge.
I'm much like Cinci when it comes to food. However, I'd like to add a few other favorites: chocolate, peaches, rice, and dried figs.
I could improve on snuggliness. I should take tips from Cinci.
Underneath my hair I believe that my head is just as large and round as my boys' heads.
I love my little guy even if TO ME he is completely irrational.


Hillary said...

what a sweet post! i love it!

Bean said...

Hey Christine,
This is Kathlene Warnick Skabelund I don't know if you remember me. I love your blog!! You sure have a cute family. Come check out my blog at

Sonja said...

ha! I love it. You're wonderful and so is Cinci.