Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is killing two birds really better?

Cinci and Shermie inspecting weeds while Jonathan gracefully accepts a speeding ticket.
We're moving...again. This time I'm not complaining. Nor am I complaining about my current situation. We live in a closed community that consists of three large apartment buildings. Families, children, wildlife, and security included. The only thing lacking here are foreigners (except for ourselves of course). The people have been oh so friendly. This afternoon I sat outside with a few ladies. That's what I did. Sat. The wind blew their headscarves as they rolled rice into grape leaves. The table was arrayed with their edibles that they had made for the specific event of sitting. Of course their voices were chiming or croaking or cackling away. A word would bring an image to my mind every once in a while. But mostly I just sat and enjoyed the feeling of belonging whether or not I could brag about my children or husband or complain about my day or my situation in life. These women have a beautiful way of taking it easy. They aren't lazy. They work their butts off in the kitchen. More than any American woman I know (except for the American who has small children). Their apartments are spotless. But you would never know that they work so hard because the only time you really see them is when they are outside sitting at a table all arrayed with goodies and tea of course, chatting with their friends. I'm so used to having appointments or dates for things that require doing something else. For example:
1. Going to the store to buy food/ Why not go to the store with your kids to look at all the different kinds of foods and talk about them. Or just enjoy the air conditioning.
2. Going to releif society to do quilting for someone in need/ Why not go to relief society to just sit there and talk? (I have nothing against quilting for those in need. I'm just proving a point.)
3. Taking your friend out to lunch because its her birthday/ Why not just take her out to lunch?
4. Take a bus to get to work/ Why not take it to become familiar with the route?

All these examples sound quite dumb to my American way of thinking. "Why would I ever do that? Why not kill two birds with one stone?" I think to myself. I think we try to kill too many birds with one stone. I think I try to kill three or four birds with one stone and I think it's because I was raised in America. I do believe it makes life easier in many ways, but I think we miss out on some of the quality when we do this.

This is a view of the Bosphorus looking south from the Black Sea.


Bean said...

I'm so glad I found you! You are still pretty, just like I remember. I love living in Oregon way more than Utah. The only reason why we visit Utah, is because our families are there. Oregon is such a pretty place to live! I don't think we will ever move back.

Hillary said...

What a lovely and thoughtful post! I have been thinking about exactly this subject lately. I find myself too often wishing that JJ would grow up faster so we could do this or that. But I suddenly realized, what's the rush? It's nice sometimes to just sit back and enjoy life. (I actually did take a trip to the grocery store just to look at food the other was fabulous!)

Sonja said...

Hear, hear. Or rather, yes, I agree but you said it so much better than I ever could.

Taranani said...

You rip a big fart around those ladies just to see their reaction. Kidding. Chistine you muse better than the muses. You ponder more than McCain panders and you out drama Obama. How long on an average day is Johnathan gone off to work/school? You seem to have so much spare time on your hands to ruminate on your inner thoughts and impressions. Is your mind elsewhere when you are doing something entirely different?

Taranani said...

Cameron is going to start signing his name when he writes comments on your blog, or I am going to Lorraine Bobbitt him. Just know it's Cameron and not me, if he swears, or is rude of vulgar in anyway. You have your own screen name, Cameron... USE IT! Anyway, Take care, Christine, from the actual Taranani.