Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Atticus and Shermy running up hills while Jonathan, Cinci and my mother enjoy the shopping!
Atticus and Shermy in the washbasin. Unfortunately, they're still dirty. It didn't work!

This is Kapadokya. My mother is jolly, I am pleased. More pleased with her than the landscape. Jollyness is always welcome on a roadtrip. She's even jolly after scraping her head in one of those caves in a nearby city. I suppose it was because she managed to purchase all those trinkets at the street market on our way out of the caves. If it weren't for Jonathan, she would have purchased nothing. No price is too low!!!!!! That is my motto.


Sunny said...

That picture of you and your mom is great. I'm glad to see she is enjoying herself so well.

Sonja said...

I LOOOVE the picture of you and your mom!! I also really like seeing your cute boys. What an interesting landscape. I would not have thought, "Turkey" if I saw that picture anywhere else.