Wednesday, May 7, 2008

He's finally three. Yay! Glee!
The kids woke up to this tempting display. Unfortunately,
everything we thought would happen did. They wanted to pull
all the balloons down so I had to take them down. Then they
popped one by one throughout the day giving my mother heart
failure each time. Then, to top it all off the glass light fixture
that the string was connected to unexpectedly fell to the
floor and shattered into a million pieces while all the kids
were playing in the vicinity! I guess it was pretty stupid to
connect something so enticing to a glass light fixture. The
kids, however, are very well. My mother did a superb job of
coralling them into their bedroom while I vaccumed almost
every shard of glass I could see.
This is not Shermie's birthday present from me, although
most Turks probably think so. A friend told me to hit my
children where no one else can see. I told him I would try. Ha
ha! Shermie decided to fly over the back of our couch. He hit
his face on the floor and from the look of it he must have
landed on something else too. I don't know what. All I know
is that ice was put, eyes were dried, and then the little bear
was set free again to pitter patter the rest of the night away
to his care-free hearts content. The next morning his eye was
pretty much swollen shut.
Claudia is well, we are all well. Next week we are going on an extensive trip across Turkey. We will be renting a car and maybe I'll be nice and let my mom sit in front sometimes. Ha! I know, I sound so mean. The relationship I have with my mother is somewhat comical. I don't know why but I cannot refrain from teasing her. She's a wonderful sport. The sad thing is, I can't take the same treatment. I am such a baby. Every time she or my husband tease me about the slightest thing I am very disgusted and offended. I think that on those single people websites they should offer the word "teasable" to describe people. Who wants to be married to a no fun wet blanket anyway? Absolutely no one (except for my husband).


Cheri said...

I love your blogs and I am so glad you are doing well in Turkey!!

Hillary said...

Poor Shermie. His face is so sad! I hope he had a happy b-day!

Sunny said...

I love seeing pics of your apartment. It makes it more real to see your home. Glad the boys had fun with the bday celebrations. Poor Shermie, his eye looks awful.

I wish we were coming to Turkey, but I think Jason has talked me out of spending every penny we have to go on another big trip right now. We are still hoping to do something big next fall sometime, or maybe for our anniversary in December - so don't give up on us. Hopefully we will see you sometime soon!

Cameron said...

Christine what do gay horses eat?...
"I don't know" ... Heeeeeyyyyyy! with a little limpwristedness to illustrate what kind of hey. Not near as funny written as told in person. I wanted to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! YIPEE... Time for Dads all over the country to groan and say dang it why do I always wait for the last minute to get a mothers day gift. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM. SOrry you are in Turkaaaay so it makes it hard to get you a gift. I have some of those Cummins chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you unless the kids find them. Your pictures are fun to look at and your posts really illustrate your feelings Christine I can tell you are dreading your mom leaving you all alone there with nobody to reinforce you against the little barbarian horde. All I can tell you is good luck. I have some advice they sell young girls where you are for pretty cheap buy one so she can help you then set her free when you leave you could be a modern day slave master. Hey she would be better off with you than where she is and what she is doing. Kidding... chill people. Tara is discouraging me from going to Greece but I still want to go secretly. Nov 9 we will see how things turn out. I am planning a family vacation back to India with the kids this time so we are trying to finish getting out of debt before we go so I have my hands full.