Monday, March 31, 2008

This life is just a short snippit of eternity. I had an clarifying conversation with a woman today. We try to have playdates with our boys. My oldest is a bit shy and reluctant to go places without me. I had to bribe him to go to this boys house, even with me. I gave him peanut butter crackers and I told him he could have a sucker after if he went. I also tried to explain to him that friends are important.
"Honey, we need to make friends in this life. That's one of the reasons we're here, to make friends and meet new people"

"But I have friends! Shermie and Cinci!!!!!"

I tried to explain but I don't think he really cares about friends when he has two brothers to play with already. Anyway, we went to the playdate and everything went fine. They played together a little and I was satisfied.
I was talking with the other mom about Turkey. Whenever I talk about my stay in Turkey, I always have to tell people that I spent most of my time in my apartment alone with the kids. I shouldn't complain. I could've gone places. The only thing keeping me home was my baby. It's kind of hard to go places with a baby.
My point is that my oldest son doesn't really need friends if he doesn't want them right now. He just needs me. That's why Turkey is a wonderful place for me and my family. I'm able to focus on my role as wife and mother. Here is a list of things in no particular order that I won't have to distract me while I'm there:
1. Parent's magazines
2. TV shows
3. fast food
4. massive grocery stores close to my house
5. a phone to talk with friends on
6. fashionable ladies on the street that I think about imitating
7. close close friends
8. a yard to send my kids to
9. a radio to listen to
10. family gatherings
11. a plethora of activities to choose from for my kids to participate in
12. church activities
13. community events
14. a nearby mall

All these things distract me from talking, playing with, reading to, or listening to my children or husband. Some of them are good things too, like family gatherings. But, have you ever spent too much time preparing a side dish for the gathering and neglected the kids? I sure have. My husband always wants to bring mashed potatoes to the family things now, and he does it all by himself. I think he does it on purpose so that I will do what I should with the kids. Either that, or he hates the stuff I make and wants something good. He's an excellent cook.

QUESTION: What is the thing that distracts you most from your role as mother and wife?

Prize for the most unique answer.


Anonymous said...
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Jill Hunt said...

I will miss you when you are gone and I know it will be hard on you again when you are there but at least you will be with your hubby again. That must make it okay!

Sarah Anthony said...

This computer is what takes me away the most. What fun with your son, it is always fun to get out and play!

Jill Hunt said...

Oh and what takes me away from being a better mother and wife is blogging of course and cleaning. I for some reason can't stand clutter and will spend too much time straightening up rather than just sitting down and playing with my boys. I need to work on that more.

Anonymous said...
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Sonja said...

What takes me away? Probably my stints at the opera house, work as a super model, and part-time tour guide at the White House.

Is that creative enough?

The real answer is me. me. me. me.

Sunny said...

Can I move to Turkey with you? It's all those little things that you mentioned that distract me from my real purpose.