Saturday, March 15, 2008


When I was in junior high I had great hair. You know how you know its the truth if you get positive comments from various different people besides your mom. That was me. Even boys would comment and I wasn't really into boys then. However, one time my friend was present when a boy said that I had beautiful hair, and she actually slapped him. What a green eyed monster! Anyway, the point of my post is all about hair. I'm 29 years old and for the past ten years I've done my hair an average of once every two weeks. When I say "do hair", that means wash, dry, and do some sort of style with or without clips and such. I am so tired of looking at myself day after day with a ponytail or bun. Some days its okay but everyday? I feel sorry for my husband who has NEVER said anything negative to me EVER about my looks, hair, clothes, body, etc. What an angel! Well, I've made a goal to do my hair everyday. I have given myself two free days a week where I can be lazy but every other day I have to do something with my hair. This does require preparation though. I've had to buy little claws and hair things at Wal-Mart. I've had to buy a few hair products too that I'm embarrassed to own the price on. I've also had to unearth my hairdryer with the diffuser and my curling iron. We'll see how it goes. I hope I don't burn myself out before I even go back to Turkey. The whole point of this new goal is to see if my husband will notice. Maybe the reason he never says anything negative about my looks is because he never even looks. He's sort of the kind of person that doesn't even know what color his own hair is. He notices what kinds of cars people drive, people's grammar, whether they're busy people or not, if they are loud and obnoxious, and if they are genuine, good people.
As I rethink this hair goal, perhaps it's a little foolish if I do it for him. I'm going to do it anyway for myself which is the way I accomplish most of my goals.


Jill Hunt said...

I was just thinking today that your hair looked so pretty at church today! I am the same way, especially with long hair. It is so much easier to just put it in a ponytail or a clip.

Anthony Family said...

I have the same problem, I think that just comes with motherhood. I am usually thinking "what's the point the only people that will see me today are my kids and my husband, and he probably won't notice anyway, so why bother." Kudos to you for doing that.