Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bay Area Kid Fun!

The kids miss daddy just a bit now. They got pretty excited when they saw a picture of him on the computer.
Anyway, the bay area is a great place for kids. There's this childrens discovery museum and zoo in Palo Alto that's free. Of course they accept donations. The kids entertain themselves for an hour or two. Mine didn't get in too many fights. They got to see the ducks, snakes, an owl and they got a little scared of the honking geese. The Oakland Zoo is also the best zoo I've been to with my kids. They are 4, 2, and 11 months. How long can your kids actually last at the zoo? One hour, maybe two? This zoo is a little smaller than the others I've been to so we were able to see everything we've wanted to. If you make a trip to the Bay Area be sure to stop by the Oakland Zoo. Look up this website to find cool things to do on your trip.


Jill Hunt said...

What a fun day for your boys. That must be so hard having the hubby gone. I wish you the best of luck while he is gone!

Sunny said...

Your boys have grown up so much!