Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just like molasses on a cold February morning!

My husband is a spur of the moment lyricist. He has an extensive vocabulary that he rarely uses unless its on paper or he's in the presence of his scholarly professory friends. Around the house he likes to use the same words repetetively like "Mario Van Peebles" and "dippy dipe" and "cuddly bop bop, cuddly bop!". When we're in an argument or something tense like that he sticks to one word to describe his feelings: bad. Bad has several meanings. It could mean sad, bad, guilty, frustrated, angry, anxious, and perhaps more. I will have to ask him. Although he doesn't use his extensive vocabulary in everyday use, he still finds a way to invent catchy lyrics. His two favorite types of music to write are country and protest rock (whatever that is?). I miss him already. If he's reading this, I hope he writes me a song to sing to the kids for Epiphany Day. Here are the requirements:

1. It has to talk about taking a trip all together as a family

2. No poopy talk

3. Fast food can only be mentioned once

4. Include several modes of transportation

5. Make sure to include the sounds of the vehicles in the song

6. Do not talk about any politics

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Sonja said...

wow! That sound like it will be a really fun song! You guys are so cool. :D