Friday, October 5, 2007

Good people

Our apartment building is I think 8 stories high. I really haven't had time to explore. We live on the first floor, not floor zero, which is the real first floor. There is a beauty salon below us thankfully where they wax eyebrows and do manicures and pedicures. I haven't had the pleasure of any of those services but I know that maybe now my brother and sister in law will come and visit me here in Turkey. (They like to sneak out together and get pedicures.) I say that we are on the first floor thankfully because the noise my children make is astounding, impressive, irritating if endured for more than five minutes, bombastic if mixed with toy vehicles (cars, trains, etc.), and a blessed thing also because it means they are healthy passionate humans who have likes and dislikes and will hopefully be able to express personal opinions later on in life. Anyway, if anyone were to live below us, I would be in a constant state of stress trying to keep my household quiet.
There is a wonderful family who lives on the 5th floor. On one side are the parents, Aynur and Mr. Altun. Across the way lives their daughter, Gokcen, her husband Huseyin, and their son Orhun who is 2. There is not a need we have had that has not been met by this family. We met Gokcen on the airplane on our way to Turkey. We got her address and called her a few days later when we were desperate to find a place to live. She helped us get settled in and her mom brings us food, lets us use her pots and pans, and every other kitchen item we need, she teaches me how to cook the food here. İt is a matter of survival actually. There is no pork of any kind and eggs are very expensive. What shall I make? I have no idea, I think İ'll go to Aynur's house and she will tell me what to make. So I go there. Instead of teaching me, she gives me the food. Hey, whoever is reading this, know this. Turkish food is excellent!!! I promise I will post some recipes pretty soon. Red lentils are popular here for soup, and there are these cheese pastries that help you gain weight even if you don't want to. (I hope you're reading these descriptıons mom). There is a tasty red cabbage salad that I need to learn how to make. İ think my mom and my aunt Robyn would like it a lot because it tastes like it has a lot of vinegar in it. İn my family(my mother's family), vinegar is magical.
Enough about food. These people are the reason I want to stay in Turkey right now. Without them I think İ would be delving into a pool of depression about now. Life is joyous.
P.S. There are a lot of email addresses I don't have of even my closest family members. Please comment on this post and leave your email addresses. Even if you think I have your email address please write it anyway. Thank you friends and family. We love you.


Uncleoruro said...

Christine and John, your adventure is a breath of fresh air. Grandma Bertha is enjoying your posts. She always refers to you as her granddaughter who always writes. She also often remarks on how nice it was to hear you and your mother sing together. You remind me of the characters in a James Michner Novel about his travels around the Mediteranian and the young people that he meets. I'll think of the title.

Jill Hunt said...

I Christine, I found your blog through Sonja and it is good to hear that you are in an apartment out there. What an experience to be there. You have more guts than me. I don't do well out of my comfort zone. I sure miss you but wish you the best out there!

-Jill Hunt

DaddyBrad said...

Hi Qui-Qui
Sherry had a long conversation yesterday with Checker??? He called from the otherside of the world and was all worried that you had fallen off the earth and was trying to desparately get a hold of you. Sherry gave him your e-mail and worked him through getting into your blog. Let us know when he makes contact. We're glad everything is working out for you and your family. We are off to the desert soon to do some star gazing. BTW Henry B. Eyering is the new second counselor (mommbommey is all excited as he was her Bishop) ane Quinton Cook takes Eyering's place.
Chow (do they say that there?)

Me and Them said...

I think you will always find good people because YOU are good people! So glad to hear that things are going well! It's getting colder here...there is snow in the mountains. Are you guys going to celebrate Halloween there with your family? :D