Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cucumbers and figs

October 3, 2007
The days are starting to change here too. Every once in a while we will find crispy brown leaves on the sidewalks. Shermy especially loves to pick them up and show them to me. It’s Wednesday today. I woke up, went for a run at the nearby park (everyone walks briskly, no one runs), took a cold shower (we don’t have a water heater yet), made homemade potato chips for breakfast (healthy!), and we got ready to go, and went. Jonathan got a new job today. Of course you may be saying, “Didn’t he already get one?” Well, yes he did. He got a different one that will pay him more, get us residency here in Turkey, and take care of little Atticus’ preschool fees. There are many more perks than I will mention here but lets just say, we’re well taken care of and a lot less stressed. We stopped off at a Carrefour on the way home from getting that new job. A Carrefour is a huge grocery store that is all over Europe. We thought it might have some hard to find grocery items but it didn’t really. Eggs are expensive here. Meat is comparable to the states, cheese too, and the fruit, nuts, vegetables, and yogurt are rock bottom. Shermy has transitioned nicely to this change. He wolfs down the nuts and the figs. Atticus likes the nuts. No one likes the plain yogurt nor the cucumber.
And once again, I cannot post a picture. Soon, soon.


Taranani said...
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Taranani said...

Sounds like life is getting almost normal. Will you be putting Atticus in an international school, or how will you do that? Uncle Fred read your first couple entries from Turkey to your Mom over the phone... he said she cried and cried. No one had told her anything, and she was so happy to hear something about you, and that you were safe. Now she goes to Gale Davis's house to read it, and I send copies to your Dad. Good luck with everything!