Wednesday, August 22, 2007

USS Midway

Jonathan and I have decided that if the stars were to allign just right we would be happy to settle in San Diego. We only caught glimpses here and there on our way to tour the USS Midway (which is a retired air-craft carrier) but it was so pleasant that it just struck our fancy. Our stars aren't likely to allign this way though if Jonathan does actually become a university professor. California living is too pricey for us even if I was cheap enough in other aspects of the budget, like putting plasticware in the dishwasher to reuse.

Our vacation has been low key and very pleasant. The view out our patio is of the pacific ocean. The horizon rises higher than I thought it would. Today on our way back to the resort we impulsively stopped at a beach to play. Atticus and Shermie were somewhat curious about the waves and their intentions. I didn't make them come too close. I just wanted the water to slide quickly over their feet and then scurry back to be with the rest of the water in the ocean but it surprised us and got me up to my thighs, Shermie up to his chest. I grabbed his hand so the waves wouldn't take him away from me. What a horrible thing to happen! I certainly worry about the most negative things. Atticus was so scared that he tried to run back up the beach away from the water but he fell on his face instead. Plop! It was sure funny. I love the moments when the natural world teaches my children caution. It gives me a break from having to be the annoying voice in the background always telling the kiddles to be careful. I wonder if there are any couples where the husband says "Be careful" to the kids more than the wife.

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