Friday, July 20, 2007

My mother has a secret identity!

I never knew it until a few days ago, but I found out that my mom is the Chiquita Banana lady. How she concealed it from me I don't know.

Jonathan has drivin up to scout camp and taken Ian with him and I am alone with the kids again. How come I never get to spend time with my husband. He's not a doctor.

The kids have been great. We watched the Polar Express together. Even Cinci liked it. Atticus almost cried a few times but in the end he never squeezed out a tear. He feels deeply for the protagonists in everything he watches. One time we went and saw Ice Age 2 and he almost cried because the prehistoric squirell was having such a hard time getting his acorn.

Shermie and Atticus love trains. They were mesmerized by everything in the movie. Atticus was so proud of himself that he was able to state that the boy had fallen into coal.

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