Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My husband says I'm a perfectionist and that's why I feel so defeated at the end of each day. I guess I do like things the way I like them, and would love things to happen the way I've planned them. Becoming a mother of three has destroyed the ability to have some sort of control in my life. All around me I see chaos. The house is filthy, the kids are fighting, my hobbies get no time, and I've got seven extra pounds I'd like to lose but can't. I'm trying to figure out a way to change the way I look at things because it's certain that I cannot control my surroundings anymore. I suppose I'll have to see things differently, and definitely look for the good instead of automatically seeing the bad.
During my inward battles, me and the boys have been attending swim lessons. Atticus is in his own class with his cousin Ewan (who we call Cuppy) and Shermy and I are together. Out of all the times that I've been in the parent-tot class, this has to be the best time. Shermy is a natural. (By the way, I hate it when parents brag about their kids). He kicks and puts his arms out and can even blow bubbles. Oh, how proud I am of my little fish!

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Jordan said...

You feel so defeated at the end of the day, sweet Christine, because you have three very young children at home with you ALL day!!! There is no better formula for defeat. I reach that point daily at one time or another.