Monday, June 25, 2007

It's quesadilla night. We're out of sour cream and I just know Jonathan would love some guacamole, so I'll have to run to the store to get some. I don't know why people say "run" to the store. I should actually never use that verb when going to the store. It is actually one of the slowest outings I could ever embark on. Giving the kids their warning "Nos vamos en cinco minutos" and then actually leaving in fifteen. Getting them into their car seats. Shermie still hasn't learned how to lift up his feet to let Atticus get by. Whines from one and intense grunts from the other. "Pon el aire mami, hace calor!!!!!" I don't even want to go on with the list. Once they wake up we'll go.
Meanwhile I'll just note that we had a delightful picnic with dad today under the only two trees in the front of the ELC. We had grillers and chips and for dessert we had Whoppers. Shermie insisted that he only wanted chips and Whoppers but unbelievably he ate his quarter griller and carrots and skipped the chips and went straight for the Whoppers. I had the kids do two laps on the sidewalks for additional Whoppers.

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