Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cheerios, the staple of American breakfast

I took a short trip to California to drop Atticus off for the summer and I picked up the items on my kids' lists. Cereal is always on the list because frankly, no other country truly appreciates cereal like Americans. Our choices are narrow here in Turkey and for our fast breakfast we eat cornflakes. Hector and Helen wanted a box of Cheerios and Cinci wanted Life. So here Helen is, the morning after my arrival ready to eat her Cheerios. Not in the bathroom though. I just made her come to the bathroom so I could put her hair up before she started eating, otherwise I'd have to brush out all the crazy tangles because she decided to dump food all over her hair.
  Here are my last pictures of Atticus before my departure.
This one is of him running away from his mom, which is exactly what a boy wants to do at his age. 

Here he is, not wanting a photo, with Eric who is basically his uncle through friendship. Eric is a carpenter with his own business. Atticus gets to learn some skills this summer and see what "real" work is all about. Enjoy your Cheerios Atticus!


Gokcen said...

We couldnt meet again.... You would be surprised what happened to us just before our departure....

Marcelo Rod Da Silva said...

That was so mean to Atticus lol