Tuesday, July 21, 2015

During the boat tour

 Fortunately for us, our friend Herman came to visit us for the weekend. It was really helpful having him around. He jumped off the top of the boat with Atticus when Jonathan and I were occupied with Hector and Helen in the water. We forgot Helen's floatie so I had to really focus on her in the water. Same with Hector, even though he knows how to swim. He was sort of freaked out by the sea.
Because Jonathan and I were chatting with Herman, Sherman had to find someone else to talk to about his favorite topics. Atticus didn't seem to mind.
 Hector and Sherman watching the others swim to the island.
 And just like he said, Cinci didn't go in the water once. He was helpful though by staying by our stuff and making sure no one stole our things. He was a good sport being born into our family. He would much rather stay at home.
 Helen does everything I do. If I go in the water, she goes in the water. If Mommy dances, she dances. It's pretty cool. She was braver than a lot of the people on that boat. Good for her.
 What I really liked about this tour is that they didn't care if my 5 year old hung out on the end of the boat and danced to the music. He could have easily fallen off with all his hand waving and butt shaking. The lesson he would have learned from that experience would have saved me from constantly having to tell him to get off the table or sit down or hold on or any of those things. I'd even go in after him myself. He didn't fall in unfortunately. Here's a picture of him when he noticed I was taking his photo.
And finally, a picture of me. My favorite part of the tour . . . the water. It was gorgeous. The colors were really like nothing I'd seen before. The kids called one color Powerade and didn't want to swim in it. But closer to the islands the water turned turquoise (the name coming from this region). But really, my favorite is the color in Hector's picture above. It's dark blue and you can't really see deep into it, but it reminds me of Homer's words "the wine dark sea" when he describes the Aegean Sea. I really wish I had a boat of my own to go see all the water in the world. Oh, and some time to do it too. And a skipper . . .  unless I get the hang of it before I get the boat.


Kevin said...

Great pics! Nice job wrapping Homer in there. Extra points!

Annie Gutierrez said...

:) When I first read, "And finally, a picture of me. My favorite part of the tour . . . the water." I failed to read the first period and thought it was a comma. Hehehe. It made me laughing knowing that was totally out of character. What a beautiful picture of the sea. I love the pictures of the kids. What a wonderful adventure for them all. Te quiero!

Ian McCollum said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! The Aegean is beautiful. I'm jealous.


Jocelyn said...

Hi Christine, I'm finally checking your blog! Miss you and hugs.
Hey, it's been a while since your last post. Are you running out of steem?
Say hi to all from us. If your curious, the new neighbors are nice upstairs. Conincidentally they have a son and daughter Coralie and Luke's age AND they are from Santa Cruz of all places.

Be well and enjoy your time. I look forward to reading more posts.