Monday, December 16, 2013

Two ways to be a real man.

 I've posted here a picture of a pretty manly man. I came across him up in the Redwood Forest of Northern California. I knew manly men lived out in the wilderness and in places like that but I had no idea that Paul Bunyan was this manly. Look at all that chest hair! Just look at it! Now that's just what men need to do. Show off that chest hair. They shouldn't be shaving it off and acting like girls. They should embrace their hairiness and use the time that they would be shaving it off to do something even more manly, like chop wood. Just like Paul Bunyan. There are other activities that are just as manly as chopping wood. Like in the photo below. Spending time with your children. That's also very manly and need I say it, one of the most admirable activities I could see a man do. (If you don't have kids of your own don't despair. You can babysit or watch your sister or brother's kids.)
I realize that its not always easy to spend time with kids. You might have a job. Your kids might be annoying or extra needy or in some cases not very cute. I'll give you shallow men out there a reason to spend time with kids. Women like it. If you are spending time with your kids, women will think you are the most attractive thing on earth, even if you don't have any chest hair. They won't tell you this because they will think you are married, and they are too, so don't try to go out with them. That would instantly convert you into a sleezeball. Just be content with the fact that all the women at the park think you're awesome because you're a good father.
 Happy Holidays!