Monday, November 11, 2013

Joshua Tree- November 2013

 Jonathan had the weekend free. I've been wanting to see Joshua Tree National Park for a long time but I haven't wanted to go in the summer. This past weekend was our chance. The best camping trip in a long time!
 The kids were crazy about our campsite. Jumbo Rocks was it's name. Helen loved to say Jumbo Rocks over and over again. She's just obsessed with rocks whatever their size. Each hike or walk we went on, she and Hector would sit down and dump rocks or sand or gravel on their heads. Oh, they'd have fun getting dirty! Anyway, these rocks provided constant entertainment for our kids. They didn't bug me around the campsite because they were off exploring the Jumbo Rocks.
 Atticus really enjoyed this panoramic view and actually let me take a picture of him.
 The Joshua Trees were pretty in their own way. They were kind of surreal. I recently read the biography of Dr. Seuss and apparently The Lorax was inspired by a visit to see the Joshua trees. They are surprising and very pokey and sharp. What I loved best about this trip was the silence, the stark contrast of colors of the earth and sky. I loved sunrise and sunsets. I loved learning about the different plants.
Excuse my hair. Excuse my lack of personal hygiene. I love camping with my family. I've found that it is most enjoyable when I don't worry so much about what food I prepare or about whether or not the kids brushed their teeth. (I know, bad mommy!) But seriously, getting five kids their toothbrushes and toothpaste and water to brush with! No thank you! I'd much rather look at the stars, tell ghost stories around the campfire, and let them fall asleep with a marshmallow in their mouths than control every second of their lives. I think that's why they like camping too. Mommy is much more easy going and less bossy. 

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Great BlogSpot! Super adventure! Beautiful family!