Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Westwater river trip

There is something calming about rivers. Whether they are still and slow moving or white and full of rapids they still are so relaxing. What can I say about this section of the Colorado? It was perfect for a day trip. Not too much wind at the end to fight. The rapids were refreshing and not too scary. The still parts were fun to swim in. The canyon walls were like books. I don't know enough about geology but I'm sure those walls have plenty of stories to tell.
 Here's me and Trina. I'm in the orange shirt. We're packing the boats. Well, actually the guys are doing most of the packing, I watch them and bring them straps when they need them, and Trina just grumbles because she's not a morning person. Except she did smile for the picture. Good girl!

There's me on the oars! Randy let me take em for a while. What a nice guy! He was real preoccupied about turning into a red lobster during the trip. I think between he, Trina, and his brother Marty, they went through a whole bottle of sunblock. OK, I did take some. But just a little.
  I love going on the rivers. The water levels are low early on this season. I don't think I'll get another chance to go rafting this year cuz I have to get back to California next week. So next year I'll be planning an early trip so I get enough river time.  

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