Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daily news and sculling

Whenever I go running in the morning and I get stopped at the stoplight by the McDonalds, I peek into the newspaper boxes ( you know the ones where you put in a coin(s) and open the door to take out your paper) and then I not only feel good about myself for reading the daily news but also for getting out for a run. I'm trying to be more aware of what's out there. I have a very small life. I leave my apartment each morning to take my three older kids to school, then I go back home. Sometimes I go out grocery shopping, sometimes I putter around the apartment. I take the two little ones outside every day before their naps. Today was Thursday, the day when Laura and I go out to a restaurant for breakfast with our babies. Every two weeks we go, switching who chooses each time. Today was Laura's turn. We went to Cora's Coffee Shop in Santa Monica. The babies were bad but I'd love to take my sister in law there some other time. She'd like it. It was like one of those cute places they'd write about in Sunset magazine. After we were done being cool California mommies that still get out of the house even with kids, we walked down to the beach. I climbed that huge rope all the way to the top. Yay! I tried to do it back in November and only got three quarters of the way up. I guess all the weight lifting I've been doing has paid off. (If you could see how much weight lifting I actually do, you'd laugh.)  I climbed it twice so Laura could see how I used my feet and legs to climb easier. I'm sure the teenage boys that tried to climb the rope next to me felt embarrassed that an old lady like me could climb higher than they could. I guess I'd better enjoy the feeling while I can. The years are creeping up on me.
I finally accomplished one of my dreams that I've had ever since I moved here.
UCLA has an aquatic center where they offer all those cool classes like sculling. As you can see in the photo above, I'm actually pulling it off. I haven't fallen in the water yet. It's very relaxing and peaceful and if you can believe it, hardly anyone is out on the water in the morning. I went this morning and I almost had the marina to myself. It's been great. 

The kids are happy here and have adjusted just fine. They are asking where we are going next. It's kind of hard to believe that we are staying at least two more years. 


Kevin said...

Christine, Kevin Carter here.

I am so jealous of your scullling experiences. I wanted so bad to do this when we lived in Seattle. I saw the crews practicing all the time when I commuted across Lake Washington. Good for you for going for it!

Julie Wilcox said...

Wow, Christine you look great. Looks like CA is treating you well. It seems like forever since I've seen you. Your little girl is so big now.

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

This is something I have always wanted to do. When I was in Germany, I lived in a little town called Neubrandenburg. It had the old city wall still. I walked past the Tollense Lake early every morning where there were people paddling down the inlet to reach teh sea for sculling, kayaking, fishing, etc. It was usually so quiet, I would imagine how much quieter it was out on the lake.