Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sand and water

Today I stopped at two of my favorite places. Joanne's Fabrics and the beach. I guess it's starting to be a habit. I get off the freeway at Lincoln and swing in to the Joanne's free parking lot. I buy the item or two that I planned on buying. Nothing unplanned or I go overboard. Then I hop back in the car and drive a few more blocks to the beach. I get metered parking which isn't too bad. Hector and Helen come with me without any complaints. Santa Monica beach is quiet at about 10. It's a good time to go. I always feel like I'm intruding when I plop my stuff down in between two groups of people that were already there. At this time of the morning there is plenty of space. A month ago Hector was terrified of the ocean. The noise of the waves freaked him out and we couldn't get him within 20 feet of the water. Now he plays about 10 feet from where the water reaches. He'll even run in the water and enjoy it. Do you remember the first time you went to the beach? Perhaps it's one of those experiences that was everyday or more like every month if you grew up near a coast. But for those of you who grew up inland, do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? What were your impressions?
Hector and Helen love the beach. I bring a bucket of toys for them to play with whenever I go. I dump them out and then fill up the bucket with water. Helen loves to splash in it. Then she dumps it out all over herself. I love to watch her when she does that. The steady stream of water flowing out of the bucket. Her tiny sandy hand trying to catch it. The wonder in her eyes. She's covered head to toe in sand. Hector always makes sure to sprinkle her head with sand (salt and pepper) and drizzle her head with water. He doesn't bother her as badly as he does when we are at home. The beach is a magical place where there is always something to do, and that something is always better than tormenting your sibling. Perhaps I should go there with all my kids every day!
Thank you Lord for the beach! Sand and water hold endless pleasures.

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