Monday, February 13, 2012

take a break! take a break!

So tired. I'm just exhausted. My goal this week is to get to bed by 10:30 every night. Unfortunately, its all my other goals that keep me from doing just that. Crafts... those evil crafts. I really need to just let go. Let them slip away on the breeze and float gently away. Or perhaps drop each one from a tall bridge into a swirling river and watch each one drift down and out of sight. It would do me good to go to that beautiful place I remember on the border of Idaho and Wyoming that I passed on my way to Jackson Hole last fall. Gorgeous yellow and brown leaves rustling under the sun. Crispy air and a clear deep blue sky. Yellow fields and a dark blue snake river. I could just sit in my comfy camp chair under that sun and sit and listen to the wind. Listen to the scurrying of the critters in the tall yellow grasses. Listen to the lack of human chatter. Ohhhh. I groan! A break. . . a break. I think I need to take another road trip.

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