Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All I wanna do is blog.

I can't believe I'm admitting such a shameless thing. I'm so completely exhausted right now that it feels so good to just slouch here, gulping down an icy peach juice, and type words. Knowing that in a matter of seconds they will float out into cyberspace and mesh with all the other feelings and expressions of people all over the world feels so satisfying. Maybe no one will read mine, maybe no one will read other people's words, but at least all those words will exist peacefully together. I should be making a chocolate cake from scratch and a pinata for my son's birthday party tomorrow but I can't. I just can't. My legs won't move and today was a non stop day. It was a good day, but it was non stop and I have to sit still for a while. It feels so good to sit still. I'm grateful that we are all home safe and the kids are in bed after a busy day. They went to school, learned stuff, came home and had to listen to me nag them for a while, did homework, did gymnastics tricks in the living room, went swimming at a friends house, got treated to dinner and dessert, got to watch eye glazing cartoons in Arabic while mom and dad chatted with friend, and got stuffed in the backseat with eachother while mom and dad complained about how so and so needs to stop doing this and that, etc., etc., etc. It's exhausting to be a kid. I have big plans for my kids this coming year. Some life altering plans. Plans that involve more choice and more freedom and hopefully more fun. We'll see how that goes. I feel bits of energy coming back so I'll stop blah blah blahing.

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