Friday, April 15, 2011

After school

After school the kids tumble through the door, but I always know when they're coming. I can hear them once they drive up. Once the van door slides open I can hear their voices blasting free as if I'd unclicked the unmute button on my computer. I urge them strongly, maybe too strongly, for them to "Do the list!" The "list" is my method of relieving myself of my nagging duty. It doesn't really work. Instead of saying "Change your clothes!" or "Unpack your lunchbox!" I just say "Do the list!" Of course, I say it several times to every child. But at least I don't have to remember what I've already told them to do. The List is all inclusive. 5 tasks they must complete upon arrival from school. Then they are free! Free! Free!
When Jonathan comes home from school, work, he has a list too. It includes one thing, which is going straight for the snack cupboard for some Pepperidge Farm fishy crackers or some Pringles, unless I've made some baked goods. Today we had an abundance of "Gruffalo Crumble" left over. He's enjoying it!

After the list Cinci sat down and narrated the storyline of the movie Wall-E to me. He watched it the night before and that's all he talks about now. In the above picture we are reenacting the last scene where Eva tries to fix Wall-E and she tries to help him remember her by holding his hand and saying "Wall-E, Wall-E" over and over again. Cinci thought it was pretty cool that we could hold hands like Wall-E and Eva too. Kids are great!

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