Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 2 year plan

Time keeps moving along. I'm so grateful that my children continue to grow and thrive wherever they may be. The above picture was taken exactly two years ago when we were living in Turkey. It seems that we might be somewhere new every two years of our lives. It's almost impossible for me to acquire a mindset which permits me to think that we will live in one place or in one country forever. But it may happen. Our two years in Qatar are almost up and Jonathan has chosen to not sign on for next year. We will move forward somewhere else. We are returning to the United States for a spell, though not sure of what duration. It seems our family has a three fold mission:

1. Jonathan works.
2. Christine tries to raise the kids.
3. We pursue our dreams wherever we can also do 1 & 2.

I guess it seems like a simple mission but looking at the world today it is a lofty one for many. Work has become a blessing and very few are truly satisfied with the work they do. Raising kids can be done in many ways and the word "raising" is often taken very loosely to mean, providing for. "Raising" requires so much more. As for dreams, we follow them. Even if we can't reach them we are still moving in our efforts as we try.

So off we move in search of our dreams. In two years I'm sure we'll be somewhere else with new dreams, or perhaps the same ones.


Tiff and Dan said...

wow!!!!! can't believe you are leaving just as I get there. When are you heading back to the states? Hope we will at least have a month or two together!

Sunny said...

Amen Sister! I'm glad we aren't the only ones that are stepping into the near future with no certain answers! Praying things work out well for both our families and that in two years we are happy with these next choices we will be making.