Thursday, January 6, 2011

Footprints in the sand

Well, maybe my family is treading too much on the earth by existing, but I still believe that this world was made to be lived on by humans. Humans that reproduce and continue existing. Sure, the world can use a few of those humans that sport North Face jackets and eat beef from grass fed cows, if any beef at all. But what if the whole world were that way? (I have a North Face hat.)
Today I took Cinci to the doctor to take a look at a nasty cut he got falling off his bike/trike. They had to cut off some excess skin and give him a tetanus shot. Not fun. But anyway, they gave me a prescription for some antibiotic cream which I did not have the pharmacist fill.

"I already have some," I thought to myself.

I'm pretty proud of the antibiotic cream that I do have. It was given to me by my sister in law, Tara. She gave it to me as a shower gift before the birth of my first baby. That was over seven years ago. I still have the same tube of Triple Anti-Biotic Ointment, Western Family brand. Can it be possible that I have given birth to four boys and have not even gone through one tube of Antibiotic ointment?

This evening Hector had diarreah for the first time. Time to pull out the Desitin. Did I have any? Nope. I've gone through my share of diaper rash cream. I can't boast that I've used less than one tube. But I was able to find this half used tube of cream that my Aunt gave me at that same shower.

It really pays to save knick knacks if you remember that you have them. It's actually a waste of money and matter to buy something that you already have somewhere else in the world. Our youngest boy, Hector, has worn pants about four times in his life. He just turned one on the 4th. I didn't plan on him growing so fast when I was packing clothes for this school year. So I left most of my 18 months pants and warm weather clothes packed away in storage back in Utah. It's kind of cold here some days. I regret not bringing a little bit of every size. But the silly thing is that I refuse to buy new pants for him. I'd rather sew him a pair of pants from scrap material than buy something that I already have (granted it's not on the same side of the world as me.)

The whole point of this post was to explain that I try to do what little I can to keep this world nice. I try to remember the reusable grocery bags that I have when I go shopping. In fact, I try to avoid shopping at all costs. But it can't be done. I save milk lids. I save cereal boxes. I save bones, shells, and feathers. I save old, holey clothes. I save a lot of stuff. Like creams found in tubes. As my children grow and depending on where I live, we'll recycle even more because I'll have some helpers.

Many problems in the world can be solved slowly by proper education. Parents can teach their children so many things if they so desire. So, instead of bashing people for having lots of kids, why don't you just encourage parents to teach their children the proper way to care for this world. Sometimes parents need a little boost, a little encouragement. They are exhausted in their role. (Don't say something stupid like, "Well, why did they have kids in the first place?) If you green people want to help the world so badly, step out of your backpacking reverie and talk to some parents about what they think would make it easier to teach their kids about saving the environment.

Hey out there! I'm a mom of four little boys. I'm tired almost all of the time. What would help me teach my kids about saving the environment would be some inexpensive ways to get my kids out in nature. If they loved nature and animals, they would want to assist in this cause. Recycling is non existent here in Qatar. Why doesn't someone who has more time than me figure out a way to provide that service? Maybe in ten years I can. If I'm still living here. For now we'll just have to be a bunch of footprints in the sand.

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