Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day number 2

There are three important days in a man's life, my husband says. First, the day he learns to crawl. Second, the day he learns to ride a bike. Third, the day he gets his driver's license. Well, Cinci hasn't quite hit number 2, but he thinks he has. It doesn't matter to him that his "bike" has an extra wheel. He was so excited about it on Christmas morning. Actually, everyone was excited about it on Christmas morning. Atticus could barely keep his mouth shut when he saw it first. Cinci was pleased. He knew it was just for him since he did request a basket in the back and a basket in the front. He didn't request a sign that had happy dolphins swimming on it with the word "FAMILY" written on top. But that's okay. I think it's dorkily cute. On Christmas morning he piled all his presents into his back basket, along with the delicious caramel popcorn that we bought in Dubai, and went out for a ride. He stopped periodically to grab a handful of treat. As you can see, he was grinning widely.The next morning we went down to the Corniche, the seaside, and rode bikes. It was windy and cold. Cinci was not pleased. He's not smiling anymore.
Then yesterday we went over to Education City where Jonathan works. The place was ghostlike. The only humans we saw there were the maintenance workers. The kids had a blast. This open, paved, space is priceless.

We definitely chose the right gift this year. Perhaps I should be sad to see my little guy growing up so fast, but I couldn't be more happy about the darling smiles he shows me every time he rides by on his "bike".

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Sonja said...

No way is Cinci old enough to ride a bike. Nope, no siree. I just won't believe it.

Oh! but he does look happy.