Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facing Time

What happened to my somewhat regular blogging habit? Well, I guess summer happened. That wonderful thing that happens every year where children are freed from school and extra curricular activities and are forced to face time and learn to use it as they please. Well, somewhat as they please. Not with a mom like me they don't. I'm pretty schedule oriented and my kids know it. Every day Atticus asks me, "So Mom, what are we going to do today?" I always have fifty things I would like to accomplish but by experience have learned to be happy with getting maybe three done per day. I list off my ideas to him to which he responds with his opinion of whether or not it is fun. Thanks Atticus. I appreciate your input.

I used to feel a little uncertain about whether there was something wrong with me if my kids didn't like what I had planned for the day, but now I'm not uncertain at all. I come up with some pretty cool ideas. My kids are really lucky to have me. And I am so lucky to have them. All four of them, and all four of them boys. So when Atticus says, "That doesn't sound very fun Mom, " I say, "Well, you make your own fun, Atticus." And that is something everyone has to learn eventually. Whether it be by reading a book, or looking around you and thinking, or texting your friends constantly, or spending your time on Facebook, or cleaning your house, or planning out a vacation, or watching TV, or building something, or working, or whatever.

So my tumbleweeds and I have managed to mold eachother a little. Because of me, my children expect something new out of my sleeve every day. Because of them, I try to stuff my sleeves full the night before. Once we step off that plane in Doha though, I think the contents of my sleeves are going to empty out pretty fast. What would you do inside an apartment for a month and a half with four loud energetic boys?

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