Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was typical, which is nice since we're in a country where people don't really do anything to celebrate it. The morning was rushed having the kids fill out Sponge Bob Valentine's for their friends in their classes. Of course, they would be the only children passing out Valentines. But hey! A reason for candy is always welcome. Atticus' teacher just giggled like a school girl when she saw the Valentine's.

The afternoon was filled with sugar cookie making. Atticus and Sherms helped and have thankfully improved over the months since the last time I tried to enlist their help.

Miss Leah
We made sure to give our lovliest people Valentine's, like our nanny, Miss Leah/Mary Poppins, and Shermy's latest girlfriend, Gennette. He fell in love with her at the Christmas party we went to a couple of months ago. She's an excellent dancer and a jolly lady. I understand why he loves her. Unfortunately, she's already married and a handful of decades his senior.

Gennette and her husband dancing together.

Then a few days ago we got a package in the mail from my sis-in-law, brother and their kids. Oh what a treat it was! Especially the Twilight themed sweetarts. My favorite message was "Bite Me!" Here are pictures of the kids when they received their candy.
Thanks guys! We love you and we really loved the messages and drawings.

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Cameron said...

Tara was worried they didn't make it through the mail system there. Like in Brazil certain treats would be missing sometimes when the package would make it to me.