Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What did you do when. . .

you were in elementary school? As far as school lunches go, there were a few different categories of lunches while I was in primary school.

  1. school bought lunches, (this is before the big breakout of the really fatty lunch options)

  2. lunches brought from home from type 1 mother

  3. lunches brought from home from type 2 mother

  4. lunches brought from home from type 3 mother

Type 1 mother:

Healthy food. Wheat bread sandwiches, rice cakes, cut up fresh vegetables, etc. Water or juice to drink.

Type 2 mother:

Healthy food with an occasional splurge. Wheat or white bread sandwiches, fruit or vegetables, crackers, chips, chocolate milk or regular milk, juice, and an occasional sugary candy or treat.

Type 3 mother:

Lunchables, cup o noodles, wonder bread sandwiches, junk, etc.

I always wished my mother was a type 3 mother but she was more like type 2. I always ate everything she put in my brown bag lunch bag, and if I didn't, I would take it back home. Now that my kids are going to go to school and I have to pack them lunches, I'm at a loss! Especially when peanut butter has been prohibited on school campus.

Here are all the other no no's:

Chocolate, candy, chips, soda drinks, nuts, and junk food.

Well, I'm glad they weren't more specific and extensive in their list. I suppose I can take the term "junk food" loosely and get away with it. Not that I really give my kids that much junk food. I really don't. I guess I'm just so used to feeding them a lot of things I've made myself, especially on the stovetop, that I'm not full of great ideas for lunches. How long can the sandwich hold your interest? Especially when you won't touch mayonaise or mustard.

What kind of mom did you have?


Aimee said...

I think as soon as I understood what a ziploc was, my mom had me making my own lunch. And my brother's lunch. So, "I" was a type 2 packer. We never had prepackaged things. But there was usually something sweet, like a cookie, for dessert. Homemade. Let's just say I was always excited when I got picked to work in the lunch room to help serve the hot lunch. That meant I got free hot lunch and didn't have to pack my own.

Jenn said...

There's so many options for lunches don't get discouraged. For example- tuna fish, almond butter and jam, chicken salad, yogurt, cheese & ham and crackers, pasta salad, leftover dinner in a small warm thermos(raviolis, chicken pot pie, lasagna, soup), carrots with dip, homemade granola bars. You can make it kind of fun.Unless you have real picky eatersthen I don't know what I'd do.