Friday, September 18, 2009

A Veritable Epicure of Fine Cuisine

It's been almost two weeks since my mother had her birthday but I still want to dedicate a post to her. As the title describes, my mother is an expert in all things culinary. Not cooking, but eating. If she could repeat her life, instead of being the collector that she is, I think she would be a restaurant critic or a butter churner.

My mother is a laugher and a talker. She does both, all the time. She also likes to exercise,dance, sing along with the "Little Mermaid" soundtrack, and organize things.

My kids appreciate their Grandma Dryg because "she makes good food" (Atticus), "she plays cars with me" (Sherman), and "I'm a baby ghost" (Cinci). I think Cinci will have something more appropriate to contribute next year perhaps.

Some of the crowning moments of her existence were:

Being born on September 6, 1946. That's right folks, she's the big 63.

Finding and marrying Mr. Right.

Having three angels for children.

Traveling home from Turkey, alone!

Saving her grandson from freezing canal waters by standing by the edge of the water and screaming, "Doyle, Doyle! He's right there! Get him! Yeah! Oh good!"

Happy Birthday Mom!


Gayle said...

AND she's the best neighbor ever, and I'm not just saying that because she makes that KILLER English Toffee!

Sunny said...

What a cute post. Your mom is great!

Uncle Fred said...


The girl in the black whatever, doesn't look very pregnant?

Sounds like you are adjusting.

Scantily clad pregnant ladies in the water in - - - Qatar?

Is that why people are buying you clothes?