Thursday, September 3, 2009

Expect the unexpected. . .

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
This is how I felt yesterday and every so often throughout everyday.

is a really dumb title. Really what this post is about is almost all negative complaints so don't read it if you don't want to hear it. I really just need some ventilation. When we accepted this job offer we already knew there would be some drawbacks to it.
  • We knew it would be really hot and dusty in the summer months when we first arrived.

  • We knew we would have to go through the paperwork process which could be a real hassle.

  • We knew we wouldn't be able to delve into the Qatari culture like we had the Turkish.

But the money that was offered far outweighed the hassle these scanty drawbacks would occasion. And we knew we wouldn't have to maneuver the strange, wacky, and dishonest Turkish system anymore. But since we've arrived the drawbacks have increased, though not enough to make me pack our bags and tell Jonathan that I'm leaving.

  • First of all, we didn't know I'd be pregnant when we accepted the offer. I'm not concerned about having the baby here, I'm just concerned about the amount of chocolate I'm consuming as I sit here in the apartment all day on my butt. That could have some real heavy consequenses.

  • We found out after arrival that we would be licenseless until Jonathan got his Residence Permit, which takes a month to get.

  • Then after he finally got is Residence Permit he had to go to the drivers test center a few times with no results either because of wrong hours, misinformation, or because his immigration specialist didn't speak Arabic (which we though wasn't necessary in this country.) Eventually he got his license but he had to go to an appointment at 4 in the morning to get it. Crazy huh!

  • I'm still licenseless and Residence Permitless and we've been here over a month now. I made a few fruitless trips down to the documentation buildings myself.

  • We were told that we would have access to a swimming pool. We did but had to arrange for transportation to get there. How does this happen if you don't have a car? We would have to arrange for a taxi the day before hoping they weren't booked all day. But now the pool is closed for maintenance for the next month and the pool in our compound is not finished, although it was promised for September. As far as I'm concerned, it's September 3rd. Am I right?

I had understood that the kids school would start on September 6th and that gave me hope. At least they would have a little variety during the week and I wouldn't have to rip my hair out thinking of things to do for them. But yesterday we found out that school starts on the 27th. Great. So yesterday sucked. I'm really mad about the unfinished pool. When I was debating whether or not to stay in the states for an extra month or come here with Jonathan, I chose to come with him on the basis that we'd have a pool close by. I'm really mad and really emotional too. I wish they would just tell the truth. Now an "I don't know when it will be finished," is a heck of a lot more believable than "It's scheduled to be done in September." Sometimes I miss America for that sole reason. People meet deadlines. If people don't meet deadlines there is usually a reimbursement of some sort or at least a warning in advance that whatever was promised isn't going to happen anymore.

However, I must realize that this is really the calm before the storm for our family. Our somewhat quiet days here at home (except for the frequent screams and fights) will probably never happen again. Ever. I will never be carless again. I will never come back to Doha too many days before school starts. And I will hopefully never have just three kids again. Life will change soon and I guess I shouldn't rush it.

Meanwhile, Atticus helped me clean all the mirrors in the house and actually asked to do his Math lesson today. Sherman put a puzzle together all by himself and made his bed today. Cinci can eat his cereal by himself now. I know, he's two and a half, but for some reason, he is soooooooooooooo babyish. I wonder if I will ever be able to potty train him.

Gosh, I am so self absorbed right now. I have got to read something worthwhile. Does anyone read anything regularly on the internet that is :

  • not a mommy blog
  • thought provoking
  • positive and perhaps even comical
  • possibly educational

Looking for suggestions. Please help.


Aimee said...

My friend has an entertaining blog. We met a few years ago when he was Andrea's Valiant 11 teacher in Primary. He's lived all over and recently moved back to the States after spending time in Syria (or was it Jordan?). Anyway, he mostly writes about teenage boy angst (his own), childhood memories, cultural experiences abroad...not to mention he takes fabulous photos. I find him very entertaining. May I recommend you start at his earliest entries because there are some super funny ones in there. He can be found at ""

I'm so sorry you're trapped in a hot, brown place with three restless boys and pregnancy hormones. That would be very tough!
I think you're right...escape in reading as much as possible. That is the best way to make time fly (not that we're wishing life away...only sort of!).

Hang in there!

Layla said...

I'm soo soo sorry. My mom had the same feelings when she first moved there. The Middle East can be a very frustrating place. :)

As for entertaining blogs, have you ever read cake wrecks?
or the fail blog? that one can be a little crude sometimes fyi.

For thought provoking stuff, I highly recommend It's a conference held every year in Monterey where the inspiring people get together and share mind blowing projects and sometimes funny stories. It's very inspiring. I spend quite a bit of time there myself :)

Nancy said...

Project Gutenberg is a good place to look for reading material (

For kids, there is the online children's library (

I just read my friends/family's blogs mostly...sorry, no suggestions there unless you want to stalk my friends. Most of those are Mommy Blogs though.