Friday, August 28, 2009


I was being driven to the place where I have to complete all my residence permit documents. I took my bottle of water out of my purse, took a drink, and put it back, as quickly as I could. The driver then said, "You can't drink water in public. The other cars are watching you. That car was watching you," as he signalled to a passing car. I assured him that if he got pulled over I would show them I was pregnant and that he would be excused from the penalty of driving a lawless female infidel around.

I guess Qatar is the 2nd most strict Muslim nation. Saudi Arabia being the first. I find that very strange since the foreign population far outweighs the Qatari one. Either way, they make laws and we abide. No water nor food in public during daylight hours, just during Ramadan of course. Pregnant women and children are excused, although I really don't know in what way we are excused yet. Am I allowed to drink water in public? And I wonder about the construction workers that work out in the heat. There is no possible way that they can survive without water for more than 15 minutes. Maybe they have a little booth they can go into and drink water. I hope so.

So during Ramadan their break the fast meal is called Iftar. In Turkey it was a very happy time. The meal would be well thought out. Better than your usual dinners. Families come together and celebrate the completion of their daily fast together. Here, I have no idea what goes on in Qatari homes. But at the Recreation Center where my husband works they have provided an "Iftar" for us foreigners. All you can eat food plus participate in fun activities. Here are some pictures of our evening.

There were camel rides but this particular camel wasn't in the mood. A father and his son fell off so rides were off for the night. He really was a grumpy beast. It was so hot and humid that I couldn't get a decent picture. My lens kept fogging up. Finally, my camera adjusted to the heat and I was able to get a few shots of the kids riding the ponies.Cinci riding the pony. I think he looks like a natural. All we need is the rest of the riding suit.Shermy riding the pony.

Atticus and Sherman attended the Porsche driving school for their first drivers licenses.

Here they are. They also got hats that say,"I'm a porsche driver." How appropriate for our family.

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Sonja said...

LOVE the hats. That is too perfect.

Wow. It's fascinating to learn about different customs, but perhaps not always to experience them first hand? I can't believe you got scolded for drinking water in a taxi cab. On the other hand, the "Foreigner's Iftar" looks pretty fun.