Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moroccan Monday II

I think I'm on a roll with this Moroccan food thing. I would never invite any true Moroccans over to eat with us though. I know I'm no chef, but I am gaining new skills by having to make this food.
This week we had fried fish, egg and herb triangles, cucumber salad, and new potatoes. The kids gobbled up the fish. That was no surprise. I bought three fish this time instead of one and I asked the fish guy at the supermarket to fillet it for me. "This time it will be easy to prepare!" I thought to myself. Unfortunately, when I opened the fish bag, there were three heads staring at me with everything else intact. Oh well, at least they gutted the fish. I did a little better than last time I had to fillet and clean my own fish back in Turkey. That was bad! Lots of gagging and having to leave the kitchen every so often.

Jonathan loved the egg and herb triangles. The kids loved them until they got to the filling. They like eggs but they apparently don't like certain spices. I have never worked with filo pastry dough before and I'm so glad I did. Now I have all these ideas of things to make for the kids lunches when school time comes. I can make a lot of Turkish things that I miss so much too. Yay!

The cucumber salad needs another go because I didn't have all the ingredients. It wasn't bad the way I made it, but I think it could be more authentic if I actually followed the recipe fully.
The new potatoes were great. The kids ate potatoes willingly for the first time in their lives. Of course they eat fries but that doesn't count.

I'm just so happy that I don't get extra complaints about my Moroccan Monday efforts. The kids are sort of excited about what I'll make. Or perhaps life is a little low on the excitement level lately so this adds a little novelty.


Aimee said...

I'm TOTALLY impressed. Wish you could bring some of these tasty dishes to Linger Longer!

nasus said...

I thought the same thing Aimee!!! So what dishes do you miss the most from Turkey?

Bunsy said...

The quality of meat in Turkey was very high. Not like here. I miss basically everything. Iskender. Tavuk sis. Their yummy vegetables. Purple cabbage. At least they have good yogurt and cucumbers here. The other day I bought some pears imported from Turkey. Delicious!