Sunday, May 17, 2009

Small potatoes. . .big potatoes

Small potatoes. . .
  • flying from Istanbul to Munich to San Francisco, just me and the Tumbleweeds

Big potatoes. . .

  • getting Cinci to eat vegetables

So I'm back in the USA. Before I forget let me tell you how EASY it is to live here. Yep, small potatoes. Really small. I feel like I'm in a cloud, gliding along. Today I sat in church, in a pew, and actually listened and heard. My kids were cool as cucumbers. Tumbleweed #1 and #2 went to their Primary classes without complaint, and Tumbleweed #3 was one of two toddlers in the nursery. Gliding, still gliding along. Of course, I am having butt pain. Why? I think I sit too much. First, on that plane trip. Then, from driving too much. Yesterday my brother invited me to go canoeing with him and his friends. I dragged my two older ones along and drove from Saratoga, CA up to Jenner, CA. The trip there took 3 hours as did the trip home. Tender butt, ooohhh tender butt, but here I am sitting typing still. The Russian River was wet, cool, friendly, smooth, and sunshine filled fluff floated past as we cut through the water. Tumbleweed #2 is not coming next time. Too babyish, even though he claims he's 4 years old. He cried the whole time on our way downstream. Only did he stop wailing when we were off the canoe or paddling back to our starting point. Like I said, "He's not coming next time." The boys had fun throwing rocks, balls, and falling in the water at the river beach, if that's what you call it.

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Strawberry Girl said...

Howdy Christine!! So your in the US, are you gonna visit us in Utah? :D