Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My cubicle baby.

Born on May 6.

Almost popped out in the elevator.

Daddy was wearing a green polo shirt. It got spotted with my blood. I washed it out later. He wore it today. What a coincidence!

He had a dandelion head for a long time.

He has short legs.

His favorite book is "The Tooth Book".

He likes canned mandarin oranges and turkish rice.

He doesn't like TV.

He's the one who always wants me to play with him and sleep with him.

He's sort of stuck. Stuck in the middle. That was actually one of his first words. Stuck. His cars used to get stuck on their roads.

His first word was "arbol". (tree)

He listens. To everything and sometimes to me.
He doesn't like to swim very much.

He's not cubicle anymore. He's round.

He's the fastest 4 year old I've ever seen, which surprises me considering his spherical structure.
We walked up to Burger King for dinner. No comment.

For dessert he requested "Cookie Cake". I did my best. I like to call it my mosque cake.

Happy Birthday Sherman! My giggle maker.


Strawberry Girl said...


Cute pictures... LOL on the whole elevator thing. :D

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Shermy! You've got to share the elevator story one day.

Sonja said...

Happy Birthday Shermikins! That cookie cake looks TASTY! I love the picture of him showing us how old he is. 4!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Sherman! What cute pictures!

Code Yellow said...

Happy Birthday!!! (A little late.)

(Four is my favorite age, I think - enjoy the playing and the snuggling!!!)

That mosque cake is awesome.