Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To do the unthinkable. . .

Whenever I think of my kids becoming teenagers I shudder, and I don't even have girls. I will proI know I'll have struggles with nagging and jumping to conclusions and really listening to what my kids are saying, but the thing that really scares me is the feeling of constant worry that I'll probably feel every time they go out the door. Will they be okay? Will they be safe? Is this the last time I'll ever see them? What are they getting themselves into? I sure hope they don't screw their lives up!

Anyway I read this article and thought about it. And thought and thought.

My first thought was how much I hate cell phones. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!!!!! But I still use them because they have become a necessity. Even though I have one, can you guess how much I use it per week? Yep, that's right, less than once per week.

My second thought was that my kids will probably want or need a cell phone when they become teenagers. And they are going to pay for it themselves, I think. :)

My third thought was "Would I really feel comfortable about spying on my kids?" I know I wouldn't. Thinking back to when I was a teenager, I would never, ever have used my cell phone if I knew my parents were monitoring it. And I didn't have a thing to hide.

What do you think? Do you ever wish you could escape to a life where technology wasn't a necessity? Or do you love it?


Code Yellow said...

My thoughts?

If a parent-child relationship and the teaching and training that should take place in a child's formative years haven't happened, then no cell phone or GPS or tracking or tracing is going to "save" that child. Too many parents are relying on things (technology) for protection instead of setting boundaries, showing unconditional love, and exemplifying values to their children. IMHO :)

I use and rely on a cell phone myself, but I don't see the thrill or real usefulness of texting (although I have a friend who recently said that as YW pres, she's foudn that texting is the best way to contact "her" girls...so maybe there are times to step up and get savvy, but...) I also do not like social networking sites or Twitter - I think it's opening oneself to a little too much. And yet I blog publicly. What can I say? :)

Sonja said...

oooh....I'm glad I read Code Yellow's comment first, because I might have typed her first paragraph word for word. Ok, maybe not, but I absolutely agree with her. :)

We have a cell phone too and hardly use it. I do spend quite a bit of time on the computer, though. We will probably do cell phones when my kids are teens, for safety and so I can call them and ask them to pick some things up from the store on their way home.